5 Games to Have Nearby During a Hurricane

by a contributor

from Meg O’Brien, author of The Story of Trucks, a Piano, Gestalt Therapy, and You:

  1. Monopoly. This game does not last forever, but it can take multiple days to finish. So if you’re looking for something to take up your time while you’re stuck inside without Twitter, Facebook, or On-Demand TV, take a chance on this one.
  2. Apples to Apples. What’s most important to you—telling the truth, Saturday cartoons, going to school, spontaneous combustion, or toes? Find out with this hilarious word-association game.
  3. Things. This game will show how well you know (or don’t know) your fellow players. It’s simple; pick a card that may or may not say, “Things you shouldn’t do at a job interview,” and try to match each player with their written response. You’ll learn new things and laugh for hours.
  4. Cranium. This is the ultimate game; it has something for everyone. Trivia, clay sculpting, humming, wordplay, winners, and losers. Choose your teammate wisely.
  5. Jenga. This game combines wooden blocks with strategy and steadiness. Make your move before it all comes crashing down—literally.