This Week in Words – Feb. 10

by Treehouse Editors

by Rachel Bondurant

I’m sure you’re all very sick of me at this point. I see you there, picketing outside my window.

Where is the content, you demand.

Good news! It’s coming soon. We’re deliberating with sweat-beaded brows and will have brand new contributor content for you asap, I promise. We love you for hanging in there. Keep doing that.

In the meantime: Valentine’s Day!

(Sidebar: I tried looking for great pieces about Valentine’s Day to share with you. Inexplicably, however, it seems it’s too early for the cheeky stuff. So everything I’m about to share for the haters is super old.)

Here are some things for people who love V-Day.

Here are some (admittedly funnier) things for people who don’t.

Have at it, chickens.