A Farewell to Treehouse

by Treehouse Editors

To our wonderful readers, writers, and supporters,

Recently, we made the sad and difficult but ultimately necessary decision to shut down Treehouse permanently, after a majority of the editors voted to do so. We have closed submissions and will be putting out our final issue shortly, so if you’ve submitted something already, don’t worry; it will still be considered. This website will remain active so that our past publications can still be enjoyed.

There are a variety of reasons why we’ve made this decision. One is that some of the editors, myself included, are going through periods of transition in our lives and all of the difficulties and uncertainties that come with that. Since all of our staff are volunteers, I could not in good conscience expect them to keep working on Treehouse without pay. This leads to another reason, the fact that it’s challenging to sustain something like Treehouse in the beginning without financial investors. All of the submission fees have gone directly toward paying for our Submittable account and website expenses, and when the fees aren’t enough to cover these expenses, I pay for them myself, which is no longer affordable for me.

We’re grateful for having the opportunity to read, publish, and share the work of so many incredible writers in the years since Treehouse’s inception at UNC-Wilmington in 2012, and we sincerely thank all of our contributors and readers, as well as the founding editors of Treehouse who came before us. This especially includes Johannes Lichtman, the “mother goose to the Treehouse gaggle” who, as an MFA student at UNCW, got together a bunch of us scrappy undergrads to start an online magazine that took off in ways I never imagined. He has a novel out right now that you should read.

Once we’ve finished going through our backlog of submissions, we’ll begin posting content for the final issue, and one last farewell post after we’ve published our last piece. Again, thank you to everyone who helped make us a success while we lasted.

                                                                                                       –Laura Casteel, Managing Editor