Issue 3, Fall 2012

Table of Contents

Inappropriate Gifts for Infants (poetry)
by John A. McDermott

Eczema, Exoskeleton (nonfiction)
by Sally J. Johnson

Bulletin (prose poem)
by Daniel Romo

Spam and Bones (nonfiction)
by Lucy Huber

The Story of Trucks, a Piano, Gestalt Therapy, and You (fiction)
by Meg O’Brien

Here, the Invisible Man…: Notes on a Letter Written in Invisible Ink (genre-bender)
by Justin Lawrence Daugherty

When I Was Seventeen (poetry)
by Andrea Rogers

On Holiday (genre-bender)
by David Galef

Pilgrimage (fiction)
by William Cordeiro

Landline (genre-bender)
by Marci Vogel

Firework Over the Retention Pond #72 (poetry)
by Darren C. Demaree

The Brainstorm &
Dropped Call (poetry)
by Joe DeLuca