Issue 2, Summer 2012

Table of Contents

Molting &
When I Was a Train Passenger (poetry)
by Yve Miller

Domesticity (fiction)
by Brandi Wells

A Good Meal (fiction)
by Ravi Mangla

Napoleon Bonaparte (fiction)
by Gabriel Blackwell

Clean Slates (nonfiction)
by Vaiju Joshi

The Haunted Cave (fiction)
by Joe Worthen

Support (prose poem)
by Ana Cristina Alvarez

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (fiction)
by Leonard Kress

Out-of-Office Reply (genre-bender)
by Thomas Mundt

Last Dance at the Sunset Grille &
The Telephone Line Sags (poetry)
by Mark Jackley

What It Has to Do With Really, Is My Lunch (fiction)
by Melissa Swantkowski

You Live Alone In a Small House &
Lessons in American History (fiction)
by Delaney Nolan

The Glowstar Sequence (genre-bender)
by Yve Miller

The Bruise on Your Chest &
How to End a Marriage (fiction)
by Christine Hennessey

Bulletin (prose poem)
by Daniel Romo